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Euphoria is an energetic therapy that delicately combines Reiki energy healing with Ethereal massage and essential oils. Ethereal massage is a very gentle massage comprised of the fingers lightly touching the skin. This light sensation on the skin is infused with silent affirmations. Body/mind positive affirmations are silently repeated by an energy therapist during the ethereal massage. Energetic therapy promotes relaxation, stress reduction, skin rejuvination, a sense of well being, full body and mind serenity as well as deeper sleep and improved focus and concentration.

Euphoria coincides beautifully with the TWIXMAS ™ principle of activating a currency of optimism which uplifts not only the spirit, but the mind and body as well. Intending positive affirmations during ethereal massage is a transformative experience. The therapist uses the power of positivity and intention to directly enhance the well being of the client. Results are often glowing skin, a sense of upliftment, a better attitude, and peace of mind.

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Denise Eileen
Reiki Master
Ethereal Massage Practitioner
Founder of TWIXMAS ™
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